My Team is 2-0, and I’m Still Disgruntled

Andrew Mills/Newark Star Ledger

It seems like every time I turn on my TV, someone in sports is blaming someone else for something that went wrong, be it a bad play, a tough loss or an inability to sign a draft pick.

This weekend proved no different, as I watched my favorite footballer of all time play himself like some manner of dejected ex, the analyst who wanted to analyze a totally different game than the one that was being played, and now-a team who wants to blame my team for it’s inability to sign it’s top draft pick.

All week, Kerry Rhodes has been talking about a win on Twitter. He’s been getting slammed left and right, including some choice comments from recently retired Pats safety turned NFL analyst Rodney Harrison.

During this same game, analyst Dan Dierdorf stopped just short of professing his desire to fellate Tom Brady on national television before blaming the mistakes and missed plays on everyone but the ones causing the problems-the Jets D.

It got to so bad that people who don’t even like or follow the Jets were commenting about it. I can totally understand rooting for one team or another, but not at your JOB, which is to describe what’s happening-not what you want to happen.

It amazed me how little journalistic integrity both men showed, and didn’t shock me one bit when neither would step away from their opinions and into the real world with the rest of us.

Then-this morning the 49ers accused the Jets of tampering with their unsigned and unproven #1 draft pick, and citing their desire for a “big name” receiver as a reason.

I guess they think the rest of the world has as little common sense as they do. If I want a big time/big name wide out, I’m picking up TO in the offseason, not trying to tamper with a dude who has yet to play a down in the NFL and has advisors that have led him to believe he’s worth more than he really is. One has to wonder for a second if it’s just not as simple as the 49ers front office can’t get it done and is looking for a scapegoat? Yeah, I digress.

This culture of blaming bad predictions on others rather than just reporting the facts is played out. Seriously. Whatever happened to just reporting the news? Or at the very least analyzing the actual game and not broadcasting your latest wet dream?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who sees this, and there probably isn’t anything I can do to make it stop. Oh well. I can always be happy they won right?

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