New Music! Little Dragon: Machine Dreams

Ahhh, more music that doesn’t make me cringe while questioning people’s morality and it’s Wednesday which is my alternate-side-free parking day (it’s a NYC thing) so double happiness if in full effect! Swedish electro-pop outfit Little Dragon has decided to drop another album, just in case their self-titled debut isn’t enough to get you through the cold months. While more upbeat than it’s predecessor, Machine Dreams is a great showcase for the voice of Yukimi Nagano, whose soulful laissez-faire delivery strangely reminds me of Martina Topley-Bird meets a happier Sade. Perfect for the dancefloor or dinner-party. It’s already out in Europe and gets released on 10/20 around these parts—I wonder if we can we get some remixes for having to wait?

Listen to “Looking Glass” off of Machine Dreams:


Check out this video for “Swimming” (my about-to-go-out fave), created by Yukimi’s Dad

Thanks NME!

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