NewBites: Iraq’s Shoe Hero, Healthcare, Harvey Milk, Faux Big Brother Abduction & Caster Gets A New Look!

Muntazer al-Zaidi, better known as the Iraqi shoe thrower, is set to be released from prison this month. Waiting for him are harems of women, thousands of open doors and a bunch of t-shirts with his face on the front. Happy Ramadan! {G}

Tonight is President Obama’s national address on healthcare. Despite all of the hullaboo the press would have you believe, things are moving and no one will suddenly start screaming in the middle of his speech. {NYT}

Harvey Milk Day in Cali? We support it! {CNN}

Remember Caster Semenya? Well, she got a makeover courtesy of South Africa’s YOU Magazine. It’s amazing what a little mascara can do! {BBC}

Wow. In Turkey, nine young women have been freed from a house in which they were kept while videos were sold of them on the internet. The women thought they were contestants on a Turkish “Big Brother” reality show. {TT}

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