News Briefs: Ludacris’ Car Giveaway; Schools with Stimulus $$ Still Struggling; Sharks to the Cape; Black Men & Natural Hair

Ludacris Vehicle Giveaway


Ludacris tapped his inner Oprah and gave away 20 cars to people who wrote about their struggles to keep their jobs for a lack of wheels of their own. Nice.  [Associated Press]

Across the country, schools that have received stimulus money are still suffering from staff cuts due to overwhelming deficits. [New York Times]

Sightings of several great white sharks have been found off the New England coasts. Maybe Martha’s Vineyard next weekend is not the move. [Boston Globe]

Do men of other races have a better appreciation for black women with natural hair than their Black counterparts?  Clutch-Magazine previously sited several examples from other female bloggers who argue that men of other races have an overall greater appreciation for natural curls than Black men-then later came back with a series of videos from Black men who argue their point.  [Clutch]

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