News Briefs: Obama on Letterman; Recyclable Mag Covers; Spike and Bob DeNiro’s New Showtime Series; Tibetian Nannies All the Craze


Last night, President Obama was on Letterman–where he touched on everything from sending additional troops to Afghanistan to health care reform and one lovely heart shaped potato.  [New York Times]

Clutch Mag goes in on magazines that feature the same celebrities on their covers.  Interesting analysis of the industry and our culture’s obsession (and dependence) on celebrities. []

Spike Lee and Robert DeNiro have teamed up to produce a new drama series on Showtime about Alphabet City.  The show will be set in the 80s before the area became the new Meatpacking district. Oohh.. I’m ready for this!  []

Latoya Peterson, who never disappoints on Jezebel, wrote a great post on how Tibetan nannies have become the latest craze for NYC working stay-at-home but don’t want to take care of their kids moms.  In the piece, she recalls her personal experience being a nanny’s nanny  and the ethics behind raising someone else’s kids when one has kids of their own.   This one hit close to home.  [Jezebel]

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