News Briefs: RIP Patrick Swayze; Whitney Does Oprah; AIDS in Afghanistan; Harley’s for Indian Mangoes


Yesterday we lost actor Patrick Swayze to pancreatic cancer.  I will always remember falling in love with him in Dirty Dancing–a movie that I can recite from beginning to end–with the soundtrack and dance moves included.  May he rest in peace. [New York Times]

Yesterday, Whitney Houston opened up to Oprah about Bobby, woos, and more.  Oohh Weee!  If you missed it, check out the text of the full interview.  More today.  []

Over 1.2 million Afghans are addicted to drugs. Now the country is forced to deal with increasing HIV rates as a result.  [CNN]

Last week, two dozen classic Harley-Davidsons roared through downtown New Delhi, in streets dominated by Japanese brands such as Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki. After years of negotiations, India and the US finally came to an agreement to import Harley’s to India in exchange for the export of Indian mangoes to the U.S.  [Global Post]

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