NewsBites: Records Store Specials, Police Spark Teen Suicide, Ravonettes, Guinea On Fire, Trey Songz’ Tour, NFL-related Dementia

Only in our generation, a wholesale record store has “open to the public” days…Fashion’s Night Out anyone? [NYT]

Whoa. Bullies + unchecked violence = reverse Columbine, where victim shoots herself. Smh. [Jezebel]

Tell your boyfriend Football will make him crazy and MAYBE you can get the remote back on Sunday, Monday and “the occasional Thursday.” [NYT]

JUDGEMENT CALL: Ravonettes “Last Dance” [StereoGum]

WTF: During a pro-democracy protest, Guinean militia killed 157 participants, injured 1,200+ and sexually assaulted the women in attendance. Smells like Katrina… [G]

Trey Songz is on tour. You’re welcome. [MTV]

PS: Dear Jezebel, We Love Latoya, give her a raise.

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