NewsBites: TV Weight Loss Gets Real, Godfather Stories & No More Plane Waits. Happy Humpday!

A new show on Lifetime, “Drop Dead Diva,” may be television’s most honest look at the everyday realities and complexities of losing wait thus far. Plus, Margaret Cho is in it! {NYT}

President Barack Obama showed he was serious when he says “peace in the Middle East,” as he invited leaders for a hug-it-out session. {BBC}

Are you a fab working mommy? Check out the top US companies for working moms as rated by Working Mother Magazine. {R}

As someone who has been stuck on a parked plane for four hours, the soon-to-be law requiring aircrafts to deplane after three hours and provide food and water makes me want to book a ticket! {LAT}

Didn’t we all love The Godfather? Too bad the cast and crew hated making it. {T}

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