Newsbites:30 Mosques, Obama Trumps Race, Execution Do-Overs & The GOP Hates the Metro

Of course you know that millions of Muslims around the world are celebrating Ramadan. Check out this blog that highlights one New York Mosque per day in the 30 days of this celebrated fasting month. Dunno about you but I just got about 5 new dinner ideas. (30M30D)

President Obama is telling his staff, and himself, to resist the race card in light of all of the tomfoolery that has taken place over the summer, culminating in Joe Wilson’s outburst. (NYT)

A California apartment complex has sent lease terminations to all of its disabled tenants—because they are too young? (LAT)

Rommell Broom was scheduled to be executed this week by lethal injection. After spending 2 hours trying to find a suitable vein, his time was rescheduled. Wow. (G)

Republican Rep. Kevin Brady has called for an investigation of the Metro system of Washington, DC, accusing the system of not offering adequate transportation for last weekend “Tea Party” protesters. I would love to see him try that with NYC. (WSJ)

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