PLRLinks: Cudi Gets Lifted, Chris Has a Case of the Mondays, DC3 & More

Kid Cudi decides to take a few tokes…for the camera…and High Times Magazine. Maybe he isn’t planning on any endorsements soon?

The world’s oldest dog, is dead. Of course he lived on Long Island. {NewsDay}

Oh Chris. You go on television to talk about you hitting Rihanna and then get mad when it’s not in your favor? Do you remember you were found guilty. Yeesh. You know Michael K went in.  {DListed}

Need some extra cash? Girdles are the new Mary Kay. {CNN}

Destiny’s Child, the reunion? {YBF}

If you have an extra $2250 to drop, check out this special commemorative tequila from Jose Cuervo. {Luxist}

Is the fantasy of free international calls becoming a reality? {Wired}

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