Video Memory: Roc Raida (RIP) feat. Sadat X & Diamond D “Lotta Pain”

Over the weekend, hip-hop lost a loved pioneer, turntablist, producer and all-around great guy, DJ Roc Raida. Actually, turntablist really isn’t the best term for Roc…he was more like a dio when it came to his craft. Most notable to the masses for his groups, the X-men & X-ecutioners, as well as his appearances at global DJ battles, he recently went on tour with Busta Rhymes in August. Fast forward to yesterday when our homie, Berman Fenelus of All Area Crew tells us the he had the honor of directing Raida’s last known music video for the single “Lotta Pain” with Sadat X & Diamond D, which (we speculate) was in support of a yet-to-be-released project he was working on. We thought it would be a fitting tribute to remember him by as he is laid to rest today.

Rest In Peace, Roc Raida. Parlour love

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