When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Victoria Rowell


Victoria, we feel you. We really do…but this is the Emmys, not a fundraiser. And while President Obama may get more name recognition than say….Escada…even Michelle isn’t rocking this number. Now to your defense, before people start thinking that you had special fabric made just for last night, we both know that our West African sistren have been sporting variations of this traditional kanga fabric since Obama came in office (we spotted it everywhere in London), so we give you a pass on putting it on the red carpet. We’re just saying, you could’ve at least hemmed it so the white seam didn’t show, or hollered at Vlisco and remixed it like this. More importantly, the red carpet is your time to shine. President Obama had/is still having his moment, but for one night, last night, we just wanted to see you and your fellow television colleagues, not Barry. Have you seen how he looks when left to his own devices? Outside of healthcare reform, personal Presidential style also needs a ‘fixin. From the neck up, you are looking quite stunning and we loved your shoes, but the next time you get an idea like this, just say no.

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