NewsBites: Ballon Boy Flops, Lasik vs. The FDA, Interracial Marriages and Tabloids Gone Wild & More…

Am I the only one who wants to give “Balloon Boy” aka Falcon a good, sound whooping? {NYT}

And meanwhile, sorry ladies…your man is a wimp. Seriously. {R}

Twenty years too late? The FDA is just now getting around to “vetting” the benefits of LASIK eye surgery. {LAT}

Just how much is your favorite celebrity’s medical information worth? Peep how some UK tabloids, including America’s People, played themselves trying to get the scoop. {G}

“I’m not a racist. I just don’t believe in mixing the races that way,” Bardwell told the Associated Press on Thursday. “I have piles and piles of black friends. They come to my home, I marry them, they use my bathroom. I treat them just like everyone else.” Umm yeah so this is your reasoning behind not granting a interracial marriage license? {HP}

Ahh Friday. We made it. We’ve been MIA, we know…big girls had to do big things this week. See you Monday chicas!

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