Fashion Round-Up: Zoe Saldana, Prince Vs. Rihanna, Fafi + Muppet Trend?

You know I have to give my girl Zoe some love! She looks awesome. Except…I personally think she could use an extra serving of rice & beans. + Elle Magazine recently picked 5 Hollywood Women who they felt represented the industry’s leading ladies. One of these was Zoe! More after the jump!

+ JUDGEMENT CALL: PRINCE Vs. RIHANNA! Both have undeniable funky coolness. However, the rumor is Rihanna is trying to steal Prince’s Hairstyle & maybe even his way of dressing…

I really didn’t even think about it until I saw pictures of them at Fashion Week! It is pretty funny…

But seriously…Prince is the greatest! His style could never be duplicated.

+ French Artist Fafi has teamed up with adidas Original once again. This time she’s bringing ladies a collection of sneakers inspired by Parisian dressing! The graphics on the sneakers are from her next comic. Peep the shoes below! Both styles are currently available at colette.

JUDGEMENT CALL: I love Kermie and Miss Piggy, but I’m just not sure that I’d wear an entire outfit that resembles my childhood blankie? I think it is super cute &  playful..but does it work on a dress?

This is a good year for Kermit! What do you think?

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