Go Yankees!: Somewhere Bob Sheppard is Smiling

So for the last few years, being a Yankee fan has been somewhat like it was in the mid to late 80s. At times entertaining, but for the most part, a depressive exercise in not winning.

Something many of us began taking for granted after the mid-late 90s run, was taken away from us last year. No Playoffs? Are you serious? I can’t speak for the rest of the Yankee nation, but I wanted blood. As if going out in the first round or losing in the World Series/ALCS was somehow better than not making it to the show at all.

This season started off pretty much the same way. The Yankees were being pummeled in their new building, their big time free agents weren’t playing well, and their biggest diva, Alex Rodriguez, well he admitted to steroid use and had to have hip surgery.

My how things change. The early season missteps and grind turned into a cakewalk into the Playoffs. The first round looked like exhibition games.

It’s beginning to look like the Yankees we fans have been waiting for actually found their uniforms and are going out on the field and playing. They are making the playoffs look really really easy—already having won six of the eleven games they need to get to 27 Titles.

This is baseball though, and even more rapidly than your real life, what goes up can quickly come down. So I’m going to enjoy this, and continue to hope against hope that my original prediction of a Yankees/Dodgers seven game World Series comes true.

It would help if the Dodgers started winning too. I’d love to see JT make the Series again. It would be just like old times-only not.

ps. This is Bob Sheppard

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