Hair Show: Brazilian Style

Wanderley Nunes

Wanderley Nunes

A few months ago, I attended the second annual Hair Fashion Show in São Paulo. The event, sponsored by Koleston, featured three of the top Brazilian hair stylists and celebrity models as they showcased global trends in haircuts, hair styles and hair colors.

Max Weber, Alê de Souza and Wanderley Nunes were the stars of the night and showed a total of 45 looks.   The elaborate hairstyles incorporated everything from coke bottles, shredded hair and braids, while others showcased looks inspired by 1920’s cinema. I only wonder–will everyday Brazilian women adopt these elaborate trends or is it all for show?

The reference for the looks ranged from “sensuality and elegance” of Bond Girls presented by Alê de Souza, to ethnic hair and tribal mixing textures and colors of Max Weber and the glamor of Hollywood divas from Wanderley Nunes.

The creations of hairdressers were almost overshadowed by the presence of numerous celebrities on the runway. Stylist Alê de Souza used model Cauã Reymond to play Bond in a themed presentation, along with actors Wanessa Camargo, Deborah Secco and Sheron Menezes.  Weber, paraded Alice Braga, of City of God fame, and Rodrigo Lombardi, who walked the runway to a screaming audience of women.  But it was Nunes’ presentation that looked like the headquarters Projac (the production center of the Globo Television Network). He featured over 12 actors and actresses from some of Brasil’s top television shows and novelas, like “Viver a Vida” (novela) and “Fantástico” (tv show).

After the show, we went to the Koleston Lounge for cocktails and a concert featuring singers Luciana Mello, Wanessa Camargo and Fernanda Porto. I’m already thinking of leaving my flat iron alone and maybe dying my hair red for next season…who knows!

Check out a few photos from the show:

(Shout out to Parlourista Patricia DeJesus in the first photo!-Mahogs)


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