JUDGEMENT CALL: “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Finale


I don’t watch this show religiously, nor do I know all of the backstory, but I think I get the gist:

-Nene thinks she found her biological father but her hubby doesn’t support her because he thinks that, due to RHOA’s success, said sperm donor might be a opportunistic leach.

-Kim and Nene hate each other.

-Lisa likes everyone and everything, except for Sheree and She By Sheree, since it’s not her line, Closet Freak.

-Kandi’s story is just sad, especially since her former fiance, AJ, was killed outside an ATL strip club recently.

-Sheree and Nene are equally working on being the villan of the show.

-Lisa and her hubby are downsizing to another multi-million dollar house. She’s “dealing” with that.

My thoughts?

-I foresee fights next season w/ Nene & Kim, so many that I will probably only tune in for the next finale, lol

-I kinda can’t stand Nene because she strikes me as an exaggerated version of the negative stereotype trailing Black women like the plague, the boisterous, neck-snapping, uncooperative woman that everyone dreads. Same with Sheree, just contrary for what seems to be no good reason.

-I want desperately want to know what Kim’s hair really looks like under there…did they already show it last season or something?

-But Kim’s wig was better this episode. Congrats girlie! Unfortunately, her tablecloth top and the fringe cowboy outfit she wore later…oh Kim.

-Watching AJ and Kandi look at wedding spots was heart.breaking.

-Sheree, who has the meanest case of horse face I’ve seen in a long time, seems to be literally begging people to hate her because she feeds off of it. On the other hand, I don’t think Nene will claim that she doens’t understand how she became the villain.

What’d YOU Think?

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