Long Live McQueen!


With the influx of labels run by people with more money than talent, the collections shown at fashion week have been less than inspiring; I’ve been under-whelmed. Luckily, the industry still has a few designers that we fashionistas can count on to inspire us and give us life. Alexander McQueen is thankfully one.


McQueen’s spring/summer 2010 collection was fantastic. The theme of the collection was an in-depth look into a future world of ATLANTIS and paraded gorgeous print party dresses, latex leggings, cropped jackets, bubble skirts, and those amazing hooves style shoes. Their was tons of neck detail and mixed media, while Lady Gaga’s new single, “Bad Romance,” served as part of the soundtrack and the models emerged on the runway, like haute couture sea urchins.


The collection was innovative and creative, depicted by a show filled with  drama and energy. Although some of the clothes are not wearable by the average person, McQueen’s pieces gave me hope that the industry still has credible designers who want to do more than just turn their curtains into couture.

-Chris Law of FresherThanChris

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