Media Rant: Levi Johnston Continues His Clown Show


Oh how the media just loves a train wreck.  First Levi Johnston comes out of the woodwork and starts talking to the media about how he thinks Sarah Palin was an unfit governor and would not have made a good vice president. Then he re-surfaces with details on his relationship with Bristol Palin. Then, as if he couldn’t get enough—he poses for Playgirl.  Now he’s back on the scene AGAIN with a Vanity Fair interview where he goes in on Palin for calling her son “retarded.”  Johnston revisited the interview and spoke at length about it on the CBS Early Show yesterday and it has been picked up all over the internet and TV.

My goodness. When is enough enough?  Do we jump at any opportunity to cover controversy–even when we know it’s a low-brow attempt at getting media attention?  At first I thought it was funny, but now it’s starting to get out of control. What’s next a Levi Johnston reality show?  Endorsement deals by Calvin Klein? Fashion spreads in Details magazine a-la Kevin Federline in his hey?  This whole situation is on its way to Octa-Mom status and it’s just frustrating to watch.

Miss the interview?  Check it out for yourself below.

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