News Bites: Archie in Love Triangle; Hispanic & Latin Names Less Trendy; Solange Talks Hair & Fashion; A Glance at 2016 Olympic Joys & Pains


Our favorite comic book characters Archie, Veronica and Betty are heading for a love triangle–illustration style.  After Archie married Veronica as the comic book series reached its 600th issue, he will shock readers again when he proposes to Betty this November.  What a whore!! [New York Times]

Now that second and third generation Latinos are growing in numbers–names like Guillermo, Maria and Paloma will be replaced with William, Jennifer and Lauren–or so Time Magazine says.  [Time] interviewed Solange about her hair, fashion and Wale.  Maybe I haven’t read enough interviews with her to be bored yet, but she is always an interesting read.  Great fashion shoot as well. [HoneyMag]

One of my favorite sites–GlobalPost gave a glimpse of those celebrating and sobbing after last week’s Olympic 2016 decision. Parabens Rio de Janiero!!!  [GlobalPost]

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