News Bites: Cali Talks of Legalizing It; Hugowood is flopping; LIl’ Wayne’s new MixTape; UN employees killed; W Mag Layoffs


In Cali, state officials are holding a hearing today to discuss a bill to legalize marijuana.  Just one more reason why I want a second home on the West Coast. {NYT}

Venezuela’s attempt to compete with imported American made films, Cinemaville 0r “Hugowood”, is flopping.  Maybe that’s because Hugo’s peeps have to screen all the films to make sure “they fit El Presidente’s revolutionary agenda.” {SLATE}

New Lil Wayne MixTape here. {NR}

in Kabul, six UN employees were killed when militants made siege on a guesthouse that the they were using.  The Taliban claim it was their doing. {BBC}

W Magazine begins laying folks off, starting with Features Director James Reginato. Where do we go from here. {theCut}

Bobbi is lamenting over Vybez Cartel’s decision to start using AutoTune. He just doesn’t sound as cool.

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