News Bites: Coke is Legal in Mexico, Stephen Hawking Steps Down, Trent Reznor Marries, Fall Boots Better Than a Snuggie?


Um, small amounts of all narcotics, including marijuana, coke, etc, are legal to carry in Mexico. Nothing has changed say residents. Plus ^^^ picture is too awesome NOT to use + maybe fewer people are dying over the drugs now? Guess not. [GlobalPost]

Stephen Hawking out at Cambridge, Michael Green, co-founder of the complex string theory, in. Hawking steps down after 30 years, & the rule that a prof must move on after his or her’s 67th birthday, to run the school’s applied mathematics dept.  [G]

Trent Reznor got married!?! Somewhere the high school girl in me is crying…he was dreamy, in that 1990s emo way. Take that Twilight! [D-Listed]

Wanna hipster-ize your fall boots without physically studding them in Soho or Bowery for hella money? Bought these litte boot chains and update that look instantly honey! It’s better than a snuggie! [Blogue]

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