News Bites: Gordon Voidwell; Airplane Misses it’s Airport; BNP Leader: “London has been Ethnically Cleansed”; Timid Tigers are Cute; Pay Cuts for Bank Execs.


Last Night I went to the Musebox CMJ showcase at Webster Hall.  There were a bunch of really cool bands.  I might be a latecomer, but I was blown away by Gordon Voidwell‘s funk! Uh!

Two North Western Airlines employees got distracted and missed their stop in Minneapolis.  The airport lost contact with the aircraft for an  hour!  I could just see them up there… Co Pilot: “Yo I think you missed our exit dude.” Pilot:”F**k bro!” No apparently they were in a “heated discussion” and no one thinks it’s funny but me. The airline has launched an inquiry.{BBC}

British National Party Leader Nick Griffin said that London had been “ethnically cleansed,” commenting that the city is not British any more.  We like to think it’s been ethnically enriched. {G}

How fun are the Timid Tigers?! Listen to “My Girl’s a Rascal“. That’s a really cute name too. {PMA}

Kenneth Feinberg cut cash compensation, and eliminated guaranteed and retention bonuses for big bank execs still holding on to government assistance funds. {NYT}

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