News Bites: Lady Gaga and Hello Kitty; Dow Jones Up; Honduras crisis; and Leona Lewis Gets Punched


Lady Gaga transforms into Hello Kitty. {Kanye}

The Dow closed above 10,000 points on Wednesday for the first time in over a year. A good sign that things are looking up.  Maybe I can get a real job soon.  Ha! No way José. {NYT}

In Honduras, there are still many questions about how to resolve the country’s political crisis, after former President Manuel Zelaya’s overthrow in June.  He returned to Honduras in September and is camping out at the Brazilian embassy. {BBC}

Leona Lewis got punched and slapped at a book signing for her autobiography “Dreams,” due out in November.  I want to laugh.  I don’t know why.  She’s not a bad person. I guess it’s just funny when celebrities get beat up.  Wait, that makes me a bad person. {Swarm}

I went to Hard Fest at NYC’s Terminal 5 on sat.  I love seeing all the kids dancing up and down to Diplo’s electro pumped dancehall that is Major Lazer.  RCRD LBL put up a poo load of remixes from the artists that played.  Go get them.  Have fun keeping quiet while you cube-dance on this Happy Thursday!

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