News Bites: Letterman Exposed; Chicago vs. Rio For Olympics 2016; No Go for Ye and Gaga; Pops Tattoos 7 Year Old Son

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Last night, David Letterman admitted to having sex with his employees after a CBS staffer tried to blackmail him into giving him $2 million.   I always like when public figures take matters into their own hands to control media frenzy before it gets out of control.  Perhaps the timing was a bit weird, but it worked… and people actually laughed!  *Check the Video below the jump* [ABC]

It’s a showdown between Chicago, Rio de Janiero,  Tokyo and Madrid for the 2016 Summer Olympics. I myself am torn.  I’m certainly rooting for Rio or Chicago–but I’m leaning toward Rio (as if I have any voting power!)   This would do wonders for the Brazilian economy which is just now gaining momentum after years behind the boat.  While America hasn’t had an Olympic game since Atlanta and could use the boost as well.  [New York Times]

Kanye and Lady Gaga were scheduled to kick off their tour November 10 in Phoenix, but it was all put to an end yesterday when Live Nation announced that it’s officially a wrap.  (Shout out to the homie Nekesa who wrote this story) [AP]

A father in California had his 7 year old son tattooed with his gang symbols–as a sign of solidarity, I guess.  Now a judge is trying to decide if this is worth a life sentence in jail?  [Huffington Post]

*Letterman Video below*

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