News Bites: Mike Tyson Opens up to O; MLK’s Kids Kiss & Make Up; Jimmy Kimmel Pulling a Letterman; Uniqlo Taking Over the World

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Mike Tyson opened up on Oprah yesterday. Did you catch it? Thoughts?  [Jezebel]

Martin Luther King Jr.’s kids finally settled their longstanding dispute over his estate last night. (SMH) [New York Times]

Well, all it takes is for one to confess and everyone else starts coming out of the closet.  Yesterday reported that Jimmy Kimmel has been having a long-standing relationship with one of his staffers.  Well–he’s not married or in a relationship, so I guess it’s okay.. Right?  [People]

Uniqlo is moving toward world domination. The Japanese-based retailer posted record profits in a recent release.  [AdAge]

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