NewsBites: Age Is Only A Number, Cali Gang Rapes, Honduras Wraps It Up & More…

^^^^ this is the funniest thing i’ve seen in a minute!

In Somalia, 112 year-old Ahmed Muhamed Dhore has a new bride, 17 year-old Safiya Abdulle—he says’s its a “dream.” {G}

In Richmond, California, the suspects in the gang-rape case (in which as many as 10 young men raped a girl after a school dance while their peers watched and took pictures with their cellphones) were escorted into the courthouse yesterday wearing bullet-proof vests, which proved to be needed since one of them already received a black-eye while in holding. {SFG}

Seems like Hillary Clinton got them to hug it out in Honduras. The Brazilians are like “whew, we can have some office space back now.” {NYT}

The global economic downturn has been bad, but for some it’s been a blessing in disguise. {R}

And yes, happy Friday…you will now sing “Poker Face” ALLL DAY!

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