NewsBites: Obama Gets The Prize, Chris Rock Gets Sued, Levi Strips Down & More

Barack Obama, 44th President of The United States of America, and now, Nobel Peace Prize winner. He’s is only the fourth US President to be awarded the title.While this is great news, we are bracing ourselves on how rabid conservatives will spin this. {NYT}

Chris Rock’s Good Hair is getting him buzz, and a lawsuit. {NYM}

The government of the Ivory Coast can’t afford to build more schools and improve it’s living conditions post-civil war criss…but it can drop $8MM dollars on new offices in New York. {NYO}

Levi Johnston aka the guy that knocked up Sarah Palin’s daughter…is posing nude for Playgirl? {G}

The House of Representatives is set to vote on an expansion in the definition of hate crime to include gender and sexual orientation and gender identity. A vote for marriage legality would be nice too! {NYT}

LA is not kind to medial marijuana spots anymore. Sigh. {LAT}

Ben Ali, owner of the legendary Ben’s Chilli Bowl in Washington, DC, has passed. Every U. St party-goer and Howard University alumni should shed a tear. {WashPo}

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