NewsBites: Hillary Clinton says No, Lance Armstrong’s Not a Fan, Somalian Prez Ahmed and We Want to Sleep with Gay Men?


US Sec of State Hillary Clinton says she’s not running for the US Presidency again. Believe her? [Feministing]

I didn’t know cyclist Lance Armstrong wasn’t a fan of the Tour De France, anywho, the new route’s been announced. Go BIKES! [G]

So because I like the Sookie Stackhouse novels & HBO’s “TrueBlood,” I want to have sex with gay men…according to Esquire of course. Riiiiiiiiiight. [Jeze]

Let’s say those Somalian pirates, my favorites and others’ un-favorites…are you fault. Who are you? Well, meet Somolian Pres Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed. [GP]

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