NewsBites: Tsvangirai Pulls Out, Rio Shoots Back, Gaza’s Fashiob Police and Balloon Boy’s Big Hoodwink

Who agrees that the current political situation in Zimbabwe is a prime candidate for a mini-series or movie? Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has pulled out of the coalition government in an ultimate “im through with you Mugabe” move. This is after he won the popular vote…and his family and staff are attacked and his political office is taken by Mugabe . Africa wake up! {FT}

In Rio, a police helicopter was shot down during a massive raid in the hills of the Morro dos Macacos favela. Admittedly the city knows it has a long way to go before the 2016 Olympics. {BBC}

Plan on going to the beach in Gaza? A bikini wouldn’t be the brightest idea. Riding on a motorbike is not going to happen either. {G}

You really thought that the “Balloon Boy” fiasco was real? Somedays our culture makes me sigh..heavily. {LAT}

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