NewsBites:Indonesia’s Quake, Kenya’s Corruption, Fake Weddings & More

Fresh on the heels of the flooding of The Philippines and tsunami waves in the Pacific Islands, Indonesia experienced a 2nd massive earthquake yesterday where an estimated 500+ people have already been killed. {NYT}

American-style ‘needs-based’ scholarships may be coming to Oxford, opening doors fro thousands of Britain’s best, but poorest students. {G}

The Burbank, California police department is being investigated by the FBI for civil-rights violations, to include racial discrimination and retaliation. {LAT}

Aaron Ringera, Kenya’s chief of corruption has resigned, partially due to his inability to uncover corruption, probably because no one wanted him to. {BBC}

We all can easily suspect that Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian’s wedding was a “made for tv,” but it seems now there is a script that proves it. Really? Is marriage the new dating? {HP}

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