“O Doce Veneno do Escorpião”: Behind the Scenes of “Diary of a Brazilian Call Girl”

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Not sure if I shared, but I’m a writer and actress. Recently, I was invited to join the supporting cast of the Brazilian movie, O Doce Veneno do Escorpião, or Diary of a Brazilian call girl: The Scorpion’s Sweet Venom. The film is based on the life of author Raquel Pacheco, whose alias is Bruna Surfistinha, and her book of the same title and actress Deborah Secco is the lead.

Bruna Surfistinha is an ex-prostitute who became famous for recounting, on a blog, her experiences with her clients and then publishing the best-selling book in Brazil, “O Doce Veneno do Escorpião” (“Sweet Venom of the Scorpion – The Diary of a Hustler”).

We shot some scenes for the film version in the Love Story nightclub on Sunday, Oct. 11. We arrived at 5 p.m. and finished at 4:30 a.m. the next day! It was tiring, yes. But it was really fun! Check out my make-up below:
brazil diary shoot
We girls get dressed like prostitutes and dance “shamelessly” (per our director). They sent me to dance on the “cheese” (a round stage). It was cool, but I’m not too shy to do these things. Had to get a touch-up:
brazil love story make up
For those who don’t know, when you’re recording a scene (where the actors have dialogue), you need total silence – obviously, without music. And that was the funniest part: dancing with…no sound. My friend said it all: “You want us to play a statue!” because they only played one clip of music before the director shouted “action” and we had to keep pace, with everything unplugged. Check out the heels I had to dance in:
brasil hook boots
It was awesome to follow the scenes of a real movie and see which ones are the hardest to film and take the most work. Every detail of the production schedule deserves praise, from the crew’s sweat to bottles of liquor! Although I feel Deborah Secco doesn’t look anything like Bruna Surfistinha, Secco gave a great performance. She really embodied the character and the costumes, make-up and hair were great!

Still no date for the film’s release, but I can’t wait to see the result!

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