On The Fence…

I’ve been suffering from a serious case of insomnia lately, so last night I found myself following random twitter timelines and it seems that cats were going nuts over Beanie Siegel’s diss-track, “Average Cat” which DJ Kay Slay (aka the Wendy Williams of DJs in my eyes) premiered while most of us were sleeping/partying/etc. This comes days after Beanie was said to go in on Jay at a concert in Philly. As always, props to Minya for holding all of us down.

By now, many of us have already heard the track. Ok, life goes on, it’s Friday and I need to get my eyebrows done. I just have always wondered about the fascination that we have with hip-hop beefs, are we naive enough to assume that rappers always have to get along? And do we make it any better by hyping it all up, since that is probably the (marketing) plan anyway? Think about it, when was the last time you really thought about Beans…meanwhile Jay was the first artist to perform at the new Yankee Stadium and first hip-hop artist for the World Series last night, putting himself in company with the Beatles.

So while I’m just a little ambivalent about this new round of “beef,” I just wonder how many more distractions we will have to endure, since most of us just want to get back to rockin’ to track like this.

ps. how many of y’all think Gucci Mane will replace Lil Wayne as the special guest king when Weezy goes to lockup?

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