PARLOUR Theme Songs to Get You Through

Though I’m a supergirl, even I need a pep-talk sometimes. So when Moms or Granny can’t give me what I need, I turn to my iTunes (well, that and my DVR’d dance video list, but that’s another post, lol) and sing my lungs out. Thank God I work from home…

Listen to our pick me ups and tell us yours!

PS. After we shared Stretch’s Saturday Morning jams last week, we gave him a week off. We love you Stretch! Keep your head up!

P!nk’s “So What” -a great “fuck it” wake-up song…

Ledisi’s “Alright” – this should be on every woman’s playlist…seriously.

Drake x Trey “Madd Hos” Songz “Successful” – obvs.

Fiona Apple “Extraordinary Machine” JBakes x Steels selection: Listen to the lyrics, Fifi’s is describing how she’s a cranky survivor but she’s good at it…lol. heart.

Jadakiss x Eve x Styles “We Gon’ Make it” – obvs

4Hero “Escape That” – Mahogs’ fave

Rotary Connection “I Am The Black Gold of the Sun” – Mahogs

Sebastien Tellier “La Ritournelle” – Mahogs

Esthero “Wikked Lil Grrrls”

Tumi & the Volume “Afrique” – J.Bakes (this track is fire on the treadmill)

Quant “Tryin” – J. Bakes

Mos Def “Casa Bey” – J.Bakes

Brazilian Girls “Don’t Stop” – J.Bakes

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