PLR Links: Wild Things, Wale, Cudi, GaGa, Cindy Crawford & JODECI!

The show must go on if Lady Gaga has anything to do with it. Out goes Kanye, in comes Cudi. {CM}

H-Town X Jodeci! Stop playin! {MissInfo}

If you partied in NYC in the nineties, were a club kid, or took lots of ecstasy in your “younger” days, then you know Limelight…now imagine it as a shopping mall. Riight. {Hint}

“I was just trying to make a movie that felt like being that age and trying to understand the world and figure it out, how confusing it is; how scary it can be; what scary, unpredictable emotions it brings out; and things being out of control. Just like specific primal fear and feelings that I associate with being that age.”
Spike Jonze talks Wild Things with Vanity Fair

I just love a good drunk and Cindy Crawford looks fun! {Celebslam}

While I love Cudi, Drake and Wale…I don’t understand why they would all be GQ’s “Man of The Year”. Drake maaaybe. Wale…sorry boo. {YBF}

Happy Weekend Darlings!

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