Sicka x PLR: Mac Artistry for Fall 2009 x Marilyn Minter

This is the second installment of MAC’s Make-Up Art Cosmetics collection, in which the beloved cosmetics brand collaborate with three artists to create works of arts inspired by some of their beauty offerings for fall. As you can probably tell from the photo on the left, the products assigned to Marilyn Minter all have plenty of sparkle and drama: festive glitters and shimmering pigments in metallic hues (rust, copper, gold, etc.) and bold magenta, purple and plum hues.
From an artistic perspective, I find this to be the most compelling work out of the three — like, if this photo were hanging on my wall, my eyes would constantly gravitate to it, as I find it to be an astonishing example of how to perfectly manipulate color and light. In terms of the products though, I find that the glitter is quite messy (but then, when is glitter NOT messy, right?) and so I wouldn’t resort to it unless I was trying to create a really dramatic, Ziggy Stardust-esque look.



MAC Reflects Glitter in Copper (left) and Rust (right), $19.50. Visit MAC Cosmetics



MAC Glitter in Gold (left) and Fuchsia (right), $19.50. Visit MAC Cosmetics

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