Throw Out the Throwbacks…Please!

Remember when throwbacks were cool? Like, you would actually go up to Philly and get your Mitchell & Ness and rock it with your highest pair of heels and be fly? Yeah me too. My Namath and my Montana kept me super happy.

Unfortunately, as they have a tendency to do, the NFL caught on, and for the past few seasons they’ve been lambasting our eyes with throwback atrocities that were clearly only meant for black & white, analog television.

This season alone, we’ve seen the Chiefs dressed as Texans, the Jets dressed as Titans, and what may have been the worst throwbacks of all-Seahawks in flourescent green and the Denver Broncos as mustard and chocolate sandwiches.

Add to this that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the NFL, and what you ended up with, were a bunch of 300lbs dudes, dressed in the ugliest outfits ever–accessorized with pink shoes, gloves, and wristbands.

Of course I’d be remiss to leave out the AFL 50th Anniversary referees uniforms, which look more like creamcicles gone astray than what a referee should wear. Fashion has clearly been banished for the season, in favor of nostalgia. The thing about the past is, like Brett Favre’s time with the Jets, there are some things better left there.

Never. In. Life. Have I seen anything quite so horrid. I mean really-who picked this stuff out? Does that person not have a wife? Or eyes? Scary. It worked out in the end though, the mustard mishap sent the (Boston) Patriots home with a loss. Always stylish in my book.

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