To Snip…Or Not?

This morning, in a post CMJ show-crawl haze, I found myself in my bathroom thoroughly engrossed in New York Magazine’s feature on the pro’s and cons of circumcision for boys. Maybe because every show I went to was a typical hip-hop “sausage fest,” I found myself going over my mental image history of every penis I have encountered and wondered what the fuss was about. I always understood it to be a hygiene and religious thing, but some label the practice as horrific and barbaric as female genital mutilation—also known as female circumcision. While I think that the comparison is a little extreme, there is a growing number of American parents who are turning away from the practice. I’ve only seen one “uncut” penis in my life and I admit I was a little…intrigued. What are your thoughts ladies (and gents!)? Any hot mammas out there care to share their experience with their sons? Should our little girls get ready for more foreskin on the scene?

Image: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

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