Accra’s Green Revolution in…Hair Care


Going green in the Ghanaian city of Accra is not as hard as people think. Over the last couple of months I’ve been trying it out and now I am finally ready to share some of my findings. Follow me as I discover the greener side of Accra city living, starting with hair and beauty and ending with accessories and apparel.

Hair care and the male’s perspective on the natural lady:

In Accra straight hair and weaves are all the rage and have been for a good many decades, but lately the trend has begun to change and more Ghanaian women can be found rocking locks, cornrows, twists and ‘fros. As the trend begins to take a hold of society, I thought I’d get some opinions from a few Ghanaian men while finding the best products and places to care for natural hair here.

I did a quick poll of 20 men of varying ages and backgrounds living in the city of Accra and asked them a number of questions about their preferences when it came to the way women of color wear their hair. Surprisingly, 80% of the men said they preferred natural hair to weaves or perms. When asked why, their responses varied from “they are more real and they seem more self assured” to they “respect women that are proud of who and what they are.”

Back to me finding good products for my natural hair, I began by looking for chemical free hair care products. I found quite a few, but would like to highlight my favourites.

My top find was Madame Yasmeen’s all natural shampoo and conditioner products. In the product line is a Super Seven Poo Bar which is made of:

Coconut Oil

Olive Oil

Jojoba Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Shea Butter

Cocoa Butter

Castor Oil

Lavender Essential oil


Egg Yolk

The shampoo comes shaped as a bar, which is rubbed into the hair and produces a rich and luxurious lather that cleanses the scalp and cleans the hair whilst deep conditioning to help nurture and prevent breakage and damage.

Conditioning Pellets are also in the Madame Yasmeen’s product line and they’re are made of:

Coconut Milk


Freshly picked Aloe Vera Gel

Cocoa Butter

Coconut Oil

Palmityl alcohol (derived from palm oil)

Emulsifying wax


They are soft and easy to massage into your hair and you’ll come out feeling fresh, clean and soft with noticeable improvement, especially if breakage was previously a problem. Only two pellets make an afro full of conditioner.

Natural Hair Treatments:

In terms of natural hair treatment products I found that Ghana made some excellent quality Shea butter which is highly recommended as a deep conditioning treatment, it should be used at least once a month to steam your natural tresses and leaves your hair with a healthy glow and a soft touch.


The best natural moisturizing product by far is Virgin Coconut oil. Not only does it soften the hair but it also conditions the scalp and is a great product for dandruff prevention.

The Madame Yasmeen’s line of products are all hand made using purely natural ingredients that focus on giving your skin and hair all the love and care they need without the use of harsh chemicals and over processing. Other products in the range include Shea Body Butter, Cocoa Body Butter, Sugar scrub, Mango Delight soap, Chocolate bar soap, and Chocolate ball soap as well as a range of other products.

All Madame Yasmeen’s products are available by mail at You can also see the company’s facebook page for more pictures and natural beauty tips and secrets.


-Omotoke Olagbaju, nicknamed Toké, lives in and loves the city of Accra, Ghana. She is a 20something female that is constantly searching for the next best thing in her city in order to share it with the rest of the world. Join her adventures as Toké shows you the best of Ghana and makes sure you don’t miss a thing!

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