Bill Thompson Just Wasn’t Hot Enough

bill thompson

Shout out to Bill Thompson for taking that L. He never stood much of a chance, he had no real platform other than, “I’m not Bloomberg” which is cool, because I personally don’t rock with Mike like that, but that’s a whole ‘nother post. But the big reason he lost is, he had no presence. If it wasn’t for Bloomberg’s ads folks in Brooklyn still wouldn’t know if he was black or not.

Ol’ Owl Face could have at least created a Facebook profile, put out a mixtape or something! How you gonna run this town, and you have no buzz?! Bill Thompson couldn’t have been mayor of New York on Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, I’m glad it’s over. Growing up, Halloween was nothing to play with. You’d better be strapped (with eggs) or be a victim. The egg thing was the least of your problems. Add to that shaving cream, Super Soakers filled with Nair, and the ultimate, pumpkins being thrown off the roof. Word. That’s Brownsville projects for ya.

On another note, when I was in third grade my mother sent me to school on Halloween in my Easter suit with a sign around my neck that said “Nick Ashford”. That was some bullshit, kids all around me were dressed as Spiderman, Superman, Dracula, and here I am looking like I’m on a job interview. That was some lazy bullshit.

2009 Lazy Costume Award goes to, drum roll please…white women dressed as Michael Jackson, that’s too easy.

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