Guilty Pleasure: Wale x UCB “Pat Your Weave” + Lady GaGa’s “Dance in the Dark”

Please don’t judge me. Wale ridiculousness x GoGo music’s UCB after the jump.

BTW, Wale’s debut album, Attention Deficit, drops via Interscope tomorrow. Haven’t heard anything about it? Thx Music Industry!!!…and it’s a little bit of Wale’s fault too. The biz doesn’t make an artist appealing anymore, must do it yourself folks. …Thx Three21 !

+ Bilal’s “Levels” from OKP after the jump too. He’s got an album coming in 2010.

+ Lady GaGa’s “Dance in the Dark.” Likey?


Wale x UCB “Pat Your Weave”

Bilal’s “Levels” – love him, he’s crazy…


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