H&M Passes on Galicia

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I guess H&M smartened up after the feeding frenzy of previous designer capsule collections amongst fashionistas and have come up with a strict plan to limit the chaos with the upcoming release of the Jimmy Choo footwear collection this coming Saturday.

They say the system is also devised to allow for the largest number of shoppers to snag algo- bloso, calzado o otro must-have complemento however ask las mujeres Gallegas and they might say, mierda!

The Swiss purveryor of cheap & chic gear have left them out in the cold only selecting 10 of the 200 stores they have throughout the country to vender Choo accessories that include: four stores in Madrid, and one in Barcelona, Sevilla, Palma de Mallorca, Marbella, Valencia and Bilbao. I suppose Official Makeup Artist for Dior Spain, Junior Cedeño, was right when he was quoted in the local Galician periodico, Faro de Vigo, as saying, ”las gallegas no son hiperfashion.” In this instance he was talking makeup trends but obviously, H&M thinks fashion and beauty are one in the same and therefore chose to over look the Galician girls.

No doubt, a few die hard shoppers from GA will make the trek to Madrid to scoop up some of complementos to amp up their amario. And for those that are heading to the BCN location on Paseo de Gracia, chicas, no os preocupais, if you arent one of the 160 chosen, the real JChoo is just a stone’s throw away.

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