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REMINDER: In Celebration of Her Skin: Parlour x Black Lotus = A New Tattoo’d You!

Tattoos, like beauty, are singular to each woman and Jaz, owner of Brooklyn’s Black Lotus Tattoo Parlour, believes in your originality as much as the ladies of Parlour. That said, J. Bakes, Mahogs and I invite you to “In Celebration of Her Skin” this Saturday, November 14. It will be a day of manicures, tattoos, photography and, of course, wine. Make your appointment now and get 10% off along with a free manicure!

+ This Thursday, look out for a conversation between J. Bakes, who has a fab tattoo from Black Lotus on her back, and Jaz about what first timers should look for in a tattoo shop, how to avoid scarring, and what colors work best for which skin types.

RSVP here: rsvpjaztattoo@gmail.com

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