James Morrison – Live at the Apolo

Image and video hosting by TinyPicJames Morrison rocked the house last night at Sala Apolo. His raspy voice with its thick British lilt made the chiquitas chilla (to scream like raving maniacs) like mad – JAMES! JAMIE! TE QUEREMOS! His response for the overflow of amor was a 90 minute performance of his best ballads and canciones from his two albums Undiscovered and Songs for You, Truths for Me. The crowd that packed the music hall sang along with ganas to hits like ”You Give Me Something”, ”Broken Strings”, ”You Make it Real”. Vaya’’, I thought to myself, ‘’They really know the words. That’s a first.’’
In my experience the most devout music fans of english speaking crooners, los raperos, etc have a hard time lip singing canciones that they love in ingles. For me, it’s the same in reverse. There are songs in Spanish on my Spotify playlist that I want to belt out loud so bad but I just haven’t got the ear to decipher the lyrics. I usually end up singing a subdued version in echo biding my time for the chorus. If it were like this all the time for all of the songs I loved I would go mad.

The matador aka, el novio told me how he was a big fan of Kenny Rogers (no laughs) and his father told him that he should try to learn the words so he could sing along to his songs. So el novio proceeded to ‘’transcribe’’ the lyrics from The Gambler into English. The result, a phonic translation of what he thought Kenny was saying. I would give anything to see what he wrote because as he states, the lyrics didn’t at all resemble English. When dad saw what he had done, he made el novio return to the cassette player and try again. Soon thereafter, I think he was sent to the UK for the several summers to beef up his English skills.

But just think about all the popular music in the world. Not all but a large chunk of it is in English. Again, vaya! And what if you don’t know English? I guess you either memorize the sound of the words to songs like “I want to Hold Your Hand” by the Beatles so you can join in or at best, do what I do and fixate on the chorus and sing it out loud and proud.

My all time favorite chorus that I still muddle even after two years is ”Tenia Tanto Que Darte” by Nena Daconte.

Te-nia tanTO que dar-TE

TanTas cosasss que con-tar-TE

Te-niaaa tan-To00 amorrrr

Guar-dado para tiiiii…

I can’t manage more than that.

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