News Bites: Khloe and Lamar on Chelsea Lately; No Power share for Honduras; Your Body has Lots of Bacteria; Gordon Brown Tells Karzai to End Corruption; Usher & Tameka are Done

Khloe and Lamar Odom chat about their vows on Chelsea Lately to promote this Sunday’s two hour wedding special on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  Yes, I care. Do you think I’m proud of that? {E}

Honduras’ ousted President Manuel Zelaya says, ‘the power-share deal is off!’ Zelaya and interim leader Roberto Micheletti were supposed to lock it down by Thursday at midnight, but Zelaya feels punk’d for not receiving a congressional vote to reinstate him. {BBC}

Our bodies have an estimated 100 trillion microbes living on or inside of them. Scientists just mapped the body’s bacteria.  Fascinating! {BBC}

UK PM Gordon Brown is not taking Karzai’s word for it and is putting the pressure on the Afghanistan President to end the corruption that his former administration has been associated with. {G}

It’s official. Usher and Tameka are divorced. {B}

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