Mr. Dalvin aka The Throwback You May Want To Forget…

Screen shot 2009-11-12 at 2.30.37 PM

So last night Steely and I took to SoHo to help ring in the birthday of a friend (Hey T3!) when the subject of bad music videos came up. Of course the usual suspects were named but when our girl mentioned Mr. Dalvin from Jodeci, my antennae went up. I knew my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me when I first saw this vid for “Why Can’t We” and wiped the blood from my eyes 8 years ago. Ironically, Dalvin was the “rapper” of the group but his singing voice isn’t that bad. But when you mix a topless Dalvin with satin and background dancers in stripper-clear heels, and a 14-year old looking girl—one can see why his solo career didn’t get to where he hoped. Peep the vid after the jump.

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