NewBites: Jerkin in LA, Economy Suicides, Italy’s Playboy & More

As always, NYTimes style section is about…one year late on the “Jerkin” dance style out of LA, but they are more interested in the skinny jeans and Vans that go with it….which makes me wonder—where is The Pack? {NYT}

Less jobs = more suicides. That’s the reality peeps. {WSJ}

UK singer and entertainer Robbie Williams is remixing the “Prince” method on his next album by selling half of the rights in exchange for full sponsorship…basically cutting out the label middleman. {R}

While extreme conservatives try to dig up minute dirt on POTUS Barack Obama, Italy’s PM Berlusconi has masses of mafia bosses and prostitutes coming out the woodwork…and why is no one complaining—probably because no one cares, just like we shouldn’t care what Barack wore to a meeting. {TUK}

And we almost/kinda/may/might have a healthcare bill that we all can agree on, just in case you forgot. {CNN}

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