News Briefs: Katt Williams: A Burglar?; ‘Precious’ Breaks Records; UK Couple Banned on Making Noise During Sex; NYT Examines Identity Issues for Korean Adoptees


Katt Williams was arrested for allegedly breaking into producer Barry Hankerson’s house with a crowbar. However he claims that he has been a guest in the house for over a month.  What do you think is true?  Either way–his mug shot is classic. [CNN]
Precious set a record for the highest per-theater average, $100,000, for a movie playing at more than 10 locations.  The movie was only released in 18 theaters and grossed $1.8 million this weekend, where Jim Carrey’s A Christmas Carol, which came in number 1 with $31 million averaged around $8600 per theater in 3,683 locations.  Wow. [Access Hollywood]

How loud is too loud when you’re having sex?  Well I guess when your neighbors start complaining and calling the cops–that’s a good indication.  A UK couple were recently given a “noise abatement notice” for having sex so loudly that they disturbed both the neighbors and random passers-by on the street. [Jezebel]

A report by the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, which focuses on the first generation of children adopted from South Korea, found that 78 percent of those who responded had considered themselves to be white or had wanted to be white when they were children. [New York Times]

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