NewsBites: Fake Weed!, Oscar de la Renta Chat, Palestinian Authority Prez Says No, Yankees Win, Be Careful on that Bike!

Can’t get weed or ecstasy in your country? Go to England, where they have drugs, like Spice above, that mimic what you’re really looking for. Can they mimic birth control for a fraction of the price? I’m just sayin…[G]

BagSnob chatted with Oscar De La Renta [BS]

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas won’t try for re-election next year…but what does this really mean? Aides say he’s tired of getting nowhere with Israel. [BBC]

Oh yeah, the Yankees won. Matsui’s pretty excited and so is Japan. [NYT]

Random, we know, but J.Lo’s second ex, Cris Jud, is engaged. lol.Why is this funny to us? Because he’s famous for being married to fame like 10 years ago. Wild. [Us]

Be careful on your fancy hipster bike London Parlouristas…there’s a rise in cycling accidents. Don’t be too cool for a helmet folks. [Guardian]

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