NewsBites: Rio’s Favelas, Elin Loves Golfclubs, Food Stamps, Teeth Robbers & More…

Want something to be thankful for? Check out João Pina’s photographs of the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and its accompanying story on what is being done to clean them up. {Guardian}

Ok, no matter if its true or not, don’t we all kinda love Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods’ wife? No matter what, she knows how to handle a golf club. {People}

Ha! We knew we were on to something. It’s been reported that food stamp use in the Unites States is soaring and the stigma around it is fading. But you didn’t have to tell us twice when some in our crew found out we qualified – groceries in NY are expensive. Go ahead and whip out that EBT card! {NYT}

Something new to be mindful of when riding public transportation – making sure you don’t get robbed for your teeth. Only in San Francisco….{SFGATE}

Rwanda has become the 54th country to be admitted into the UK commonwealth, and the second without a British colonial past. But they were a former German and Belgium colony. Two steps forward or back? {BBC}

Did you miss us? We missed you guys too!

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